Estimate basement renovation

A budget estimate is used to produce an approximate price to give you an idea of the prices to the customer in the case of an extensive renovation and before getting the plan and the complete estimate. A complete fixed and final estimate is produced as submission when the project is not very complex and does not use special materials or in the case of a complex basement project with the plan in hand, specifications and the details of the work to do. In general doing an estimate over the phone without seeing the existing basement is not our policy. We like to take the time to do things well. We greatly prefer to meet you, gather information, take the time to calculate the price and present a basement project estimate in good standing.

Our renovation estimate experts are not technicians newly out of school. These are general contractors, licensed themselves, that come to you and have a working knowledge of the land, the work sites and the regulations and standards of the construction business. When they look at a basement and listen to your explanations of the project they quickly see all the stages of its construction and are able to make a clear and accurate estimate of the basement renovation project.

Renovation basement prices are very competitive because our general contractors and professional designers and engineers are especially selected not only on their ability to follow your instructions and produce accurate estimates, but also to give you options in terms of labor force, techniques and cost-saving materials.

The Basement Renovation Group handles your basement project from A to Z from a budget estimate, through design sketches, plans and specifications, and then a fixed estimate presented in the submission and execution of the renovation works. With Basement Renovation you are in good hands.

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